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Lori Martin

Lori Martin, vicepresident

Native of Sacramento and of Italian heritage, Lori Martin, took a 1994 tour of Italy with her mom and friends—a record breaking July heat wave in Italy, a few unfortunate mishaps during the tour changed the then corporate Human Resources Manager’s world. Out of adversity comes a beautiful thing? Indeed! Lori joined colleague Dick Mercer and a few others in the creation of Experience Italy—to wrap and package Italy in a way that lets her natural, clean, simplicity shine—protecting others from tourist group restaurants with plastic flowers and canned fruit cocktail, hotels with cockroaches, and stops to herd shoppers “to the sanctioned cousin Vinny’s cameo store.” Italy deserves better and so do her guests! At home and in Italy, Lori is happiest when surrounded by family and friends living an active lifestyle of running, water sports, gardening (and, of course, toiling in the Martin Family CAtivo vineyard with Brad)—all to justify good food and nice wine at the end of the day. Life really is about faith, family and friends!

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Lori Martin


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