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What is Experience Italy?

We are not a traditional travel agency. We don’t sell ALL travel services. We do not make air reservations because air is not our specialty. We are Italy destination specialists and we create customized trips to Italy based on the clients’ interests, passions, time frame and budget. With our extensive knowledge of Italy, we match client preferences with our network of suppliers to create an Italy experience that is as unique as you!

What is included in a customized trip itinerary?

Once your feet hit the ground in Italy, we “normally” have arranged all accommodations, transportation, guides, and other special requests from beginning-to-end. Depending on your wishes, your trip can be planned to include as many services and activities that your heart desires or less options if you want to explore on your own. It is all up to you. It is your trip, but we will give you gentle guidance and our best recommendations to ensure a trip of a lifetime.

Can we want to make changes to an itinerary proposal?

The truth is in the details. We will modify the itinerary proposal until the details are right for you.

What if I have already booked flights and hotels but need help with transportation and guides?

We offer trip consulting for those of you who have already planned parts of your trip. We are happy to “fill in the blanks” and can provide you with guidance and suggestions. We charge a $250 fee for the consultation.

What about flights?

Experience Italy does not handle any INTERNATIONAL flights reservations. On occasion, we can book inter-country flights while in Italy. We can offer tips on selecting the best airports and flights if you have questions. We can also refer you to an experienced travel agent if you do not want to book your own flights

Can you give me a cost breakdown of the itinerary proposal?

Experience Italy trips are bundled customized packages. Therefore, we do not provide a breakdown of costs. Preferential rates have been negotiated with our vendors and there are confidentiality clauses in our contracts that prevent rates from being divulged.

When should we start planning our trip?

The earlier the better—six months to a year ahead of time is ideal to secure availability with some of our favorite guides, properties and key personalities. However, we can work even with very short lead time. If you need help less than 60 days to departure, there is a non-refundable planning fee of $450 and the RFP deposit of 250e. Planning with less time may result in fewer options.

What are the payment terms?

We require an upfront non refundable trip planning fee of $250 and the Rome booking office receives a €200 RFP deposit (applicable to your booking) for the creation of your unique proposal. At the time of booking, there is a 20% deposit and a second payment of 70% is due 60 days before departure. The month of travel, the final 10% minus the RFP deposit. Note, all proposals are quoted in Euro and are per person.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation fees are fully explained on the booking form that you sign before you book our services. We can send a copy of the form upon request.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Travel Insurance… we want to mention the concept so you are aware of the time sensitivity of this purchase and help you determine if you are inclined to elect coverage to protect your investment. Please consider it is best to purchase insurance sooner rather than later. Travel insurance only includes coverage for “preexisting conditions” when elected within 14 days of the first dollar spent for your trip… either on your flight or on your land reservations.

What type of accommodations are recommended by Experience Italy?

We attempt to match the style and budget of each client with available accommodations. Accommodation suggestions include apartments, farmhouses, agriturismo, hotels (generally 3, 4 and 5 star). We review properties based on their overall look and feel, cleanliness, location and the hospitality/personality of the place and the staff that will be in contact with you, our client. We want you to feel comfortable while in Italy and all of our accommodations have been viewed and selected by us or our Italian counterparts to best align with American’s preferred standards in lodging.

When is the best time of year to visit Italy?

In our opinion, the last week of April, all of May and the first three weeks of June are unbeatable, prime dates with pleasant weather. The second best time of the year is the last three weeks of September, all of October and the first week of November. Coastal regions differ and are only open seasonally. This means that during the beginning and ending of each season they may not be open.

How should I pack for my trip?

We have some ideas and suggestions after many trips to Italy that we can share about packing for Italy. We have some printed material that we send you upon booking a trip that we will give you some great ideas.

If I book an Experience Italy trip, what kind of information will receive before our trip?

There is a series of documents and emails that will prepare you for your trip. We want you involved but not inundated with too much information at any one time. Some of the highlights include: a list of our favorite Italian books and films to start imagining your trip, a pre-trip document with some long-term basic travel considerations, and a departure booklet with detailed advise and recommendations. Additionally you receive detailed maps and pictures, vouchers for all services, train tickets/car reservations and a book of trattoria, osteria, enotecca, ristorante suggestions for each city you visit.

Can I drive in Italy with my US driver’s license?

It is required that you have an International Driving Permit in order to drive in Italy. You can obtain an IDP at your local AAA or online. Bring two passport sized photos if you want to avoid the cost of the photo at AAA.

How should I plan to pay for personal items when I am in Italy?

Here is the drill:
–– Have €100/person before you depart the US
–take your ATM card; it is essential to obtain local currency. Be sure your ATM has a four digit pin that does not begin with “0”/zero.
– Take a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees.
Call the card company and tell them you are going before the trip. If you don’t do so, due to increased security measures, they might put a fraud stop and block charges on your credit card.
– Have the card company phone numbers in several locations on you. 
– Forget traveler’s checks.

Is the electricity voltage different in Italy and do I need a converter or adapter?

Electricity in Italy is supplied at 220 volts AC at a frequency of 50 Hz. For any electrical appliance, you will need an adapter type B – two round prongs. Consider a short, heavy duty extension cord since some hotel rooms have limited electrical outlets.

Will I be able to use my personal computer during my trip and what kind of internet service will be provided?

Most cases, yes. You might need a three pronged adapter for power. iPads and iPhones will work as well.

Should I bring my cell phone with me?

Yes, please plan on having a cell phone with you. We will ask for your cell phone number in case of an emergency. In today’s world, don’t go without it just in case you need to call any of our vendors or us for an unexpected situation.

One More Question?

If you have any other questions, you can get in touch with us and we will get you the information you need.

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