NO bad meal here! VENICE new Osteria Zanze XVI

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A new place in town. Venice: Osteria Zanze XVI

Normally, when it comes to have lunch or dinner in Venice, many visitors are concerned: too pricy, bad quality, not friendly, ‘tourist-tailored’ that more or less sounds like a bad experience.
Well, fortunately, there is a new attitude by the young generations of Italian chefs toward the respect of food and, even first, of their customers.
In Venice, recently open a new small restaurant, or better, ‘osteria’. The chef is Nicola Dinato, a Michelin-star winner, and with some friends he introduced a new concept of osteria in town: the liveliness of a Venetian osteria combined with sophisticated cuisine.
The name of the place is particular, Osteria Zanze XVI.
Nicola is concerned about the quality and genuinity of the food served every day in his restaurant. He experienced in many famous restaurants (in Spain, France, England) to come back in Italy and shape his personal and original idea of ‘cuisine’.
So, if you want a little suggestion from us, try to explore the new in town.